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Jorg Neumerkel

Jorg Neumerkel was born in 1965 in Crimmitschau, Saxony and has lived in Altenburg, Thuringia, Germany since 1990.

He studied for Dipl.-Ing. for agricultural engineering in Berlin and has been an employee in the Altenburg jobcenter for 30 years. He currently coordinates projects in the Altenburger Land youth careers service and also organizes concerts for the Altenburg Jazz Club. (

A self-taught photographer, Jorg has been featured in many exhibitions, including:

2014 - Posterstein Castle "Frieda, the Vienna Prater and other stories"
2015 - District Office Altenburger Land "Portraits of a journey"
2016 - Town Hall Altenburg "Bastnäs"
2017 - Lindenau-Museum Altenburg exhibition participation „Palmyra - Destroyed Memory“
2017 - District Office Altenburger Land „VorBILDER - Sport and politics united against right-wing extremism“
2019 - Stadtmenschfestival Altenburg Group exhibition with Jens-Paul Taubert "Volunteers"
2019 - Paul Gustavus House Altenburg "Maramures - Encounters on the wayside"
2020 - Gallery in Cafe Knottenmühle Neumühle "Maramures - Encounters on the wayside"

Jorg also regularly participates in federal and state photo shows.

You may visit Jorg's website,, to see more of his work.

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