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Who's behind Creative Artists Think Tank?

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About Me

Hi, my name is Laura Roberts. My heart and my training are in musical theatre. The special thing about musical theatre is that it combines all the arts into one. It takes writers, visual artists, actors, musicians, props makers, costumers, technical artists, and more to put on a production. Inspiration comes from all those areas and all those people. Collaboration with other artists is important for the success of a show. We all meet in production meetings to discuss how we can contribute to the show. The ideas presented build to become something completely original. So the CATT Center is like a giant production meeting for creative artists, a place to find the ideas for your next original project. Whether you are producing a show, painting your masterpiece, writing a song, or any other creative project, I hope you can find some inspiration at the CATT Center.

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CATT Center

CATT Center is the online home for CATT Studio. The goal of the CATT Center is to provide useful news and information about the arts as well as support its local studio. I have tried to create a clean-looking site that is specifically designed for all creative artists, a place where we can find the commonality among all the arts, and collaborate among them. There's a blog, a history section, a news section, and more. If you'd like to make a suggestion, contribute written material, or just let me know how I'm doing, please send me a message.

Music Studio

CATT Studio

My studio is located in Morganton, NC, USA. I teach voice and drama and create music. If you are interested in being a student, please contact me. You can use the chat button, the Connect with Us form below, text or call me at 704-298-1326, or email me at Find out more on the CATT Studio page

See my Introductory Blog Post

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