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The Latest Gear Reviews for You

Our reviews are a combination of original CATT reviews and those gathered from across the internet. Links are provided to original publication sites. If you'd like to write an original review to be included on our page, please let us know in the chatbox or email

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Sept 5, 2021

Premier Guitar

Friedman Small Box Overdrive Review Premier Guitar.webp

image by

Friedman Small Box Overdrive Review


The pros and cons of Friedman's Marshall-in-a-box stompbox pedal.

Sept 29, 2021


Antipodes Audio K50 Music.jpg

Antipodes Audio K50 music server


Quite a price tag, but if you're able and willing to purchase, this music server delivers quality sound.

Sept 22, 2021

Music Radar

Overloud's Gem Mod Plugin 09222021.webp

Image credit: Overloud

Overloud’s Gem Mod plugin takes a classic Roland chorus to another Dimension, and it’s free for a limited time

A new Gem Mod plugin for vocalists

Jan 25, 2020

Music Tech

Great Tools That Cost Nothing Free Compressor VST 01252020.webp

Great Tools That Cost Nothing: Free Compressor VST


This article starts out explaining what a compressor plug in is and how it can help you, then goes on to describe the free ones that you can use.

Sept 15, 2021

Music Radar

Mackie MP220 Review.webp

Image: © Future

Mackie MP220 review

Music Radar reviews Mackie's in-ear monitors.

Sept 15, 2021

Gear Rank

Best Studio Monitors.jpg

The Best Studio Monitors - All Prices Up To $1000

 by Raphael Pulgar

Need a new studio monitor? Here's a guide to the best ones, categorized by your budget. 

Sept 26, 2014

Music Tech

Fender Focal Passport Studio Review.jpg

Fender Focal Passport Studio Review


A portable monitor system for your travel needs

March 31, 2021

Gear Rank

Best USB Microphones for Vocals & Musical Instruments 03312021.jpg

Best USB Microphones for Vocals & Musical Instruments - Over 96,000 Rating Sources!

by Raphael Pulgar

Great review to check out if you're looking for a new mic

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