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Literature Reviews

From Classics to New Releases and Everything In Between

Our reviews are gathered from news outlets around the world and interspersed with original reviews from CATT. Links are provided to the original published pages.

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reviewed on Sept 7, 2021


Seven Brothers review.webp

Image credit: Finnish Opera and Ballet

Seven Brothers: The book that shaped a Nordic identity

by Lizzie Enfield

An interesting review that includes the influence that Aleksis Kivi's novel has had on Finnish history and culture

reviewed on Sept 29, 2011

The Guardian

Madeline Miller The Song of Achilles Review 09292011.jpg

Madeline Miller, Photograph: Nina Subin, courtesy of The Guardian

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – review

The Song of Achilles, loosely based on Homer's Iliad, presents Achilles as a romantic figure.

reviewed on Sept 9, 2021

Feminist Book Club

Book Review It Ends with Us 09092021.png

image courtesy of the Feminist Book Club

Book Review: It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

In It Ends with Us, Colleen Hoover uses the story of a love triangle to illustrate the insidiousness of domestic abuse.

Sept 8, 2021


The Archer Review 09082021_edited.jpg


In This Poetic New Novel, An Ancient Form Of Dance Frees A Modern Storyteller

by Marcela Davison Aviles

A beautiful novel of healing through dance

Sept 7, 2021


Ode to a Denny’s Hobbit Menu

Different than a traditional review, but if you are interested in a playful combination of your favorite stories with the culinary arts, this is a great read.

reviewed on July 29, 2018

The Literary Cosmos

They Both Die At the End Review.jpg

They Both Die at the End Review

Adam Silvera's book explores the question: What if you knew you only had one day left to live?

reviewed on Oct 5, 2021


Jonathan Franzen's Crossroads review 10052021.webp

Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads is an opus on humiliation. It’s very good.

Crossroads, the first book in an upcoming trilogy, is an exploration of America, the church, and the changing power dynamics of a family.

Sept 8, 2021


We Are Not Broken review 09082021_edited.jpg

George M. Johnson Wants Young People to Know They Are Enough

A Black queer memoir about growing up in New Jersey

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