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Forum Participation Policies

The CATT Center Forum has been designed to be a creative artist networking medium. As such, it is not meant for political debate. However, CATT recognizes that since the very development of civilization, creative artists have always been the first observers and commenters of all types of cultural trajectories. Feel free to discuss your creative projects that may or may not include political or otherwise inflammatory subjects. However, please limit your discussion to the technical and aesthetic aspects of the project so that the CATT forum doesn't slide into becoming a political forum. 

This forum is meant to be a place where artists can freely and safely discuss their projects in a supportive environment. While constructive criticism is encouraged, unsupportive behavior is not. This includes microaggressions, name-calling, profanity, and other forms of aggressive negativity. Pornography, threats, and the promotion of acts that violate the human rights of others, violent or not, are also not allowed on this forum.

As a member, you are encouraged to promote your project. However, this is not an advertising site, so, in the forum, advertisements to events will be limited to once per 2 weeks for the same event. This does not include related discussion of the same project which falls under the category of collaboration, networking, or brainstorming.

The same rules for advertising also apply to campaigning of any kind. Both advertising and campaigning posts must be directly related to the creative arts.

Please understand that in a discussion forum, not all members will agree with each other's artistic aesthetic and any point of view that it may portray. However, if you believe that a post in our forum has violated the forum policies and gone unnoticed, please contact the administrator through the Connect With Us form on the About page.

Posts that violate these policies will be deleted and a warning will be sent to the author of the posts. If it is unclear whether the post is violating a policy, the author may be asked to clarify the intent of the post and, if the post is subsequently approved, a clickable "sensitive material" pop-up filter may be added to the post.

CATT reserves the right to delete any post, filter any post, deny any membership, and/or change its policies at any time without notice.

If you have read the forum policies completely and agree to abide by them in the CATT Center Forum, please click "I Agree".

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