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What is CATT Center?

CATT Center is a social media. It's like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, but on a much more specific scale. The subject here is only the creative arts. We're not trying to host every conversation in the world.


CATT Center is supportive. We're here for each other. CATT members are required to follow a participation policy that does not allow disrespect for their fellow artists. 

CATT Center is more than social media. There are other pages separate from the Forum that you can enjoy even without being a member. There's a blog, an Arts History page, an Arts News page, a Media page, and when we think of something else that sounds cool, we'll add that too.

CATT Center is clean. A lot of other social media platforms just look too busy. They try to do too much on one page. We try not to crowd too much into one space, so it's easier for everyone to find what they want to look at.


CATT Center is collaborative. You don't have to wade your way through a list of groups to find one that caters to one or another type of creative art. All of the arts work together.

CATT Center is inclusive. You may be just a weekend hobbyist, a student, an amateur looking to find your place in the creative arts world, or already an experienced professional. There are no qualifications required for the exchange of ideas. You are welcome here.

CATT Center is you. If you want to write an article, send it to us and we'll publish it. If you'd like to see something on the site that we don't have, suggest it to us. If you want to reach out to other artists, go to the Forum and start a discussion. The goal here is collaboration. We can make the arts in our individual communities better by helping each other.

How can I be a part of the community?

You can be a writer on the website. If you would like to write an article on the site, either in the blog section, or any other section, send us a message and we'll make it happen. You can use the chat button to connect with us or fill in the Connect with Us form at the end of this page. All articles must go through an approval process, but as long as what you write is knowledgeable, relevant, and abides by the same rules as the Forum Participation Policy, then we want to see what you have to say. If your article doesn't seem right for any of the pages we have, we'll make a new page.

You can participate in the Forum. This is the social media part of the website. Become a member first. Then go to the Forum and start a discussion. Or add to the discussions that are already there. 

You can suggest something for the website. If you have an idea for the website, tell us about it. We might just love it!

You can spread the word. We're new. We're small. We want to grow. You can make that happen. Tell other creative artists about CATT Center. Share the blog posts or the pages. We've set up the venue, but we need you to grow.

A Note from the CATT Founder

This is something that I dreamed up when I needed some support for one of my projects. The problem was that, at the time, I was new in town and I didn't know any other local creatives. So I imagined a virtual community where it didn't matter where I was in the world or even what my particular arts specialty was. I could get the help and support that I needed in one place.

Creative Artists Think Tank is really new. There's a lot of me on these pages. But I want there to be a lot of you too. I'm not trying to become the next social media millionaire. This is just my contribution to the arts community, offered free of charge, and right now I'm the only one running CATT Center. CATT won't work unless you become a part of it. I've set up the infrastructure, created some discussion starters, and written as many articles that I can in the time that I have to work on the site. And I'll keep doing that because I believe in the potential of Creative Artists Think Tank. If my vision of a creative arts social media community appeals to you, please help me grow this through your participation.

Laura Roberts

Founder, Creative Artists Think Tank 

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