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CATT Center is a social network of creative artists collaborating in a free supportive environment.


We welcome all creatives, whether professional, aspiring, or hobbyist. It doesn't matter whether you are a performing artist, visual artist, author, speaker, or applied artist. We welcome you. Our members share ideas, get feedback, encourage each other, promote events, and talk about issues that affect the arts. By networking together, we can improve the quality of our contributions to our local communities and grow as artists ourselves. All creatives can benefit from the free and open collaboration of worldwide talent.


If you are a creative artist looking for some inspiration, please check out our website. If you like what you see and would like to join our community, please click the "Free Membership" button to join our network of CATT members. On the member forum, you can share your successes, ask for help on your projects, discuss current news and trends in the arts, and invite others to your exhibitions, shows, or concerts. You can also connect directly with other members who are seeking collaboration. We look forward to your participation!

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